Holy Cross School is very well supported by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The PTA are very active, organising many social and fund-raising functions throughout the year, for both parents/carers and the children. Parents of children in the nursery and school automatically become members. Members of the committee are elected each year but the P.T.A. welcomes all volunteer help especially at the time of its biggest fundraising event, the annual International Evening.

IMG_0718 IMG_0715
Lola Ornato Christina Matthews
Alison Devane Linda Malley
Tetyana Dyson  


Chairperson – Joint: Lola Ornato
Chairperson – Joint Christina Matthews
Treasurer – Joint: Alison Devane
Treasurer – Joint: Linda Malley
Secretary: Tetyana Dyson



Our next PTA fundraising event is on:  

Friday 5 July 

Summer Party


PTA News:

If you are able to assist us and willing to offer your time and help please do speak to our PTA chair, Mrs Lola Ornato or Miss Collins for further information.

PTA Meeting: TBA

We are currently looking for parents with the following skills to assist the PTA

  • Photography
  • We are keen to have the fathers of Holy Cross School take ownership of a regular fundraising event. Be it a football event or a games picnic, we are sure you will come up with a plan!
  • If you would like to know more and get involved with the PTA and the fundraising we do for our children, come and introduce yourself. We have recently extended our ways of communication with our school community, so that everyone gets the information sent out. We are currently collecting email addresses from those parents who prefer an email to hard copy, if this is you then pop into the School Office and leave your details. We also have a Facebook page, Holy Cross PTA, please like and share the page info with all mothers, fathers, grandparents and carers of Holy Cross, as this will be updated on a regular basis with upcoming events.
    (Please note: Every care should be taken when posting on the Facebook page, all language appropriate and no photographs of the children as this is a public page. Thank you.)

       We look forward to welcoming you.