Children’s Views

“I think Holy Cross is the best school because we have such fun and lots of friends”

Rosie, Reception

“There are lots of friends to play with and nice books.”

Jasmine, Reception

“We go on lots of school trips”

Amira-Rose, Year 1

“I love learning at Holy Cross and getting more education”

Alyssa, Year 2

“I love the Key Stage 2 playground because it’s big and I can get a lot of exercise and play games with my friends during playtime and lunchtime. I love the school dog Floss, because we get to walk her or just pop in to say hello. I like Maths because I can work out tricky problems”

Dylan, Year 3

“At Holy Cross School we learn about our religion and everyone is Ready, Respectful and Responsible”

Kingsley, Year 5

“Holy Cross is a safe and fun place to be. I love the topics we learn about and the teachers are all so nice!”

Kanishta, Year 6

“All the staff support us in our learning and they look after us. We are like one big family”

Joanna, Year 6