Children’s Views

“I love seeing my buddy at assembly”
Amanda – Reception Class

“I love school dinners because we get yummy food!”
Benedict – Reception Class

“I feel happy at School. I like playing with all my friends. I like it when everyone joins in. I like doing work!”
Gracie – Year 1

“I like painting, playing, writing and reading. I feel comfy in School. I like playing with my friends.”
Victor – Year 1

“I like playing with my friends”
Conan – Year 2

“I like to play in the big playground with my sister”
Sibissan – Year 2

“Holy Cross School in a fun School”
Darragh – Year 3

“People at Holy Cross are very kind”
Kanishta – Year 3

“Our School is a big Catholic community”
Lucia – Year 4

“Our School is kind, whenever you are alone there is always someone there to help you”
Mary Rose – Year 5

“We always share with other people”
Sophie – Year 5

“The teachers make us feel safe”
Victoria – Year 5

“This is a Catholic School and everyone is happy here”
Francesca – Year 6