Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Message from the PSA

Thank you so much to our wonderful PSA. Over the last few weeks they have really worked their socks off! They have given so many hours to support the children and School community, from the Year 6 cinema night to the Summer party. Thank you especially to Mrs Ornato, Mrs Malley and Ms Devane for being superstars!

A message from the PSA:

“Our many thanks to all of those who attended the Summer Party last week, and especially those volunteers who helped make the event run so smoothly.  We were delighted to be able to run our big Summer Party again after 3 fallow years!  Total takings on the day were £1,438 which, after costs, will help us put some much-needed funds back into the PSA account for future spending. Most importantly, it was a great opportunity to gather again as a community and we are already looking forward to a return to our usual calendar of events.  In September, we will start sharing our plans for the year ahead, and hope more parents will be able to get involved and help.  Wishing everyone a wonderful summer!”