Photo Gallery

  • Year 5- Tudor Assembly

     On Wednesday 27th November, Year 5 had their class assembly all about the Tudors. The assembly was absolutely magnificent. Every single sung and spoken word was articulated beautifully, the costumes were great and the children really looked as though they were enjoying themselves.   Thank you to Mrs Byrne, Mrs Quinn, Mrs Ley and of course to you, the parents, who continually support them and the School.

  • Year 6 Assembly – WW11

    On Wednesday 13th November, Year 6 taught us all about World World Two through song and drama, helping us to understand some of the difficulties faced by families during the war. Well done and thank you to Miss Honore, Mrs Ley and all the children.

  • Diamond Club & Year 5 Afternoon Tea

    On Tuesday 12th November, we were delighted that the Diamond Club were able to join our Year 5 children for Afternoon Tea. This is such a special event, with the theme of Remembrance, as well as songs, cakes and conversation!

  • Year 6 Class Mass

    On Friday 4th October, Father Anthony celebrated Year 6’s Mass. Thank you to Miss Honore and Mrs Ley for preparing the children so well. It was lovely that so many parents and carers who came to support their children.

  • Harvest Mass

    On Friday 18th October 2019, we held a beautiful Harvest Liturgy in the Church. Thank you to everyone who sent in donations of food. These have been given to a charity called the Jericho Project that prepares and serves food to people living on our streets. It was a wonderful way of sharing the harvest and thanking God for all the good things we are given.

  • The Diamond Club visit our Reception Class

    On Tuesday 24th September the Diamond Club visited School to play with our Reception Class children. They read stories, played games and enjoyed each others company.

  • Mass for the New School Year

    On Friday 13th September the whole school attended a Mass to celebrate the beginning of the new school year. The children read and sang beatifully and were a credit to our lovely School.

  • Reception Class & Year 6 Buddy Assembly

    On Friday 27th September,  we held our annual Reception Class and Year 6 Buddy Assembly. It was pleasing to see how many of you were able to come along and witness the beginnings of a lovely relationship between our youngest and eldest children.