Governance at Holy Cross Catholic Primary School The Governing Body of Holy Cross Catholic Primary School is a strong team of dedicated and hard working volunteers and staff members who help with the strategic vision for our School. Our Governing Body includes:
  • The Headteacher
  • Nine foundation governors
  • One governor nominated by Lewisham
  • One member of staff
  • Two parent governors
  • Two co-opted governors
Foundation governors are appointed by the Archbishop of the Diocese of Southwark and work on his behalf. One governor is nominated by our Local Authority, Lewisham. Our staff governor is elected by the staff and normally serves four years. Parent governors are elected to serve on the governing body by the parents and normally serve four years. Co-opted governors are invited to join by the governing body, to add areas of expertise and to represent our community. The Governing Body is responsible for many important decisions in the running of our School. These include:
  • Appointing the Headteacher
  • Agreeing the aims of the school curriculum and ensuring the national curriculum is implemented
  • Determining how the school’s budget is to be used each year
  • Deciding how sex and relationships education and religious education should be taught in the School
  • Deciding what charges should be made for activities outside normal school hours
  • Dealing with official complaints and exclusions
The governors keep in regular contact with parents through newsletters and by visiting the School and attending School functions and events. A full list of governors is available on our website and there is a gallery of their photographs outside the School Office. You can contact the governing body by writing to the Chair of Governors via the School Office. Our parent governors are pleased to hear about views and ideas and can also be contacted via the School Office. Full governing body meetings are held each term. The agenda for the meetings includes items from the Local Authority, the Diocese, directives and initiatives from the Government and school based concerns. Parents and carers are welcome to attend our Governing Body meetings as observers. Please let us know if you wish to attend so that we know to expect you and can arrange seating. The governing body has a number of sub committees; Resources and Curriculum meet on a termly basis, the Pay and Admissions committees meet annually. The dates of full governing body meetings are published in the weekly newsletter. Minutes of the meetings are available for public inspection and copies can be obtained from the School Office. Chair Mrs Tara Nelson Vice Chair Mr Brendan Downton Foundation Governors (appointed by the Archbishop) Dr Samantha Duncan Mrs Hilary Santhokhy Mr John Coote Mr Paul Monaghan Mr Ossie Folkes Mrs  Gwen Quintyn-Williams Father Antony Megalan Sellam Executive Headteacher Miss Mary Collins   Observer Miss Giovanna Finaldi (Head of School) Staff Governor Miss Maddie Smith Parent Governors Mrs Tara Nelson Mrs Debi Gaskin- Palmer Co opted Governors Mrs Catherine Sanderson Mr John Watmore Appointed By Lewisham Governor Clerk To Governors Mr Daniel Hudson   Committee and Link Governor Membership Resources Miss Mary Collins Father Antony Megalan Sellam Mr John Coote Mr Paul Monaghan Mrs Hilary Santhokhy Mrs Gwen Quintyn-Williams Mr John Watmore Mrs Jean Wilson (adviser) Curriculum Miss Mary Collins Mr Brendan Downton Mr John Coote Miss Giovanna Finaldi Mrs Catherine Sanderson Mr Ossie Folkes Miss Giovanna Finaldi (adviser) Admissions Mrs Gillian Yhip Mrs Catherine Sanderson Mrs Hilary Santhokhy Miss Mary Collins Mrs Jean Wilson (adviser) Pay Review Mr Paul Monaghan Father Antony Megalan Sellam Miss Mary Collins Pay Appeals - Staff Discipline/Appeals - Pupil Discipline/ Appeals Governors to be called when required Link Governors Mr Brendan Downton - Maths Father Antony Megalan Sellam - RE Mrs Gwen Quintyn-Williams - Safeguarding & LAC Mr Paul Monaghan - Computing Mrs Hilary Santhokhy - Geography Mr Brendan Downton - Science Mrs Catherine Sanderson - PSHE Mr John Coote - English Mrs Gillian Yhip - Music Mr Ossie Folkes - History Governor Information 2019 - 2020 All Governors annually complete a Register of Interest Form.
All correspondence to the Governors should be addressed to: Chair of Governors Holy Cross School Culverley Road Catford SE6 2LD Or Mr Daniel Hudson C/0 Holy Cross School