Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Important Information – Start of School Street Zone

We have been informed by the Local Authority that the School Street Zone on Culverley Road will go live from Monday 19th April.

From Monday you will not be allowed to drive along the zone in Culverley Road between 8:15am and 9:15am nor between 2:45pm and 3:45pm. The ‘Zone’ starts by the signs on Culverley Road where Culverley meets with Thornsbeach Road and includes the school car park. It ends where Culverley Road finishes at Bromley Road. Cameras are set up and anyone caught driving within the zone will receive a £130 fine.

This scheme is being rolled out across the borough in order to keep streets safer for children and families using them on a daily basis. The LA have produced a list of frequently asked questions that you can find at


We are fully supportive of this important scheme. Please be aware of the new regulations and also inform anyone else who may be affected, for example child minders, grandparents etc.