Return to School Risk Assessment

COVID19: Full return to school risk assessment and action planning SCHOOL NAME: Holy Cross Catholic Primary

DATE: September 2020
Purpose of this document:

This COVID19: Risk Assessment and Action Plan document sets out the decisions taken and measures put in place to prepare for the full opening of schools to ensure the school continues to operate as safely as possible. Plans and measures in place should be reviewed on a regular basis.

In line with DfE guidance, we will work closely with parents, staff and unions as we normally do, when agreeing the best plan for our school’s circumstances.

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Protocols for professionals visiting Holy Cross Autumn 2020

For all professional visits taking place during the autumn term of 2020 Holy Cross Catholic Primary School will ensure:

  • The School protocol and risk assessments will be sent to the individual prior to their visit
  • The room to be used will be cleaned prior to the visit
  • A member of staff will meet the visitor and escort to them their destination within the School building
  • A ventilated room will be provided for the appointment/work session to take place
  • There is enough space in the work place for social distancing
  • The child/children have washed/sanitised hands before meeting with the professional
  • The child/children will be brought to the visiting professional by a member of Holy Cross staff with the necessary equipment

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