Visitor’s Comments

“What a lovely School. I have just spent the afternoon with the Year 6 students. They were engaging, polite and respectful. I wish all of my days were like today.”
Shaun Willshire, Growing Against Violence 

“Thank you for the opportunity for our daughter Francesca, who is now the Head Girl of Holy Cross School. She is delighted to hear that she was chosen and promises to make Holy Cross proud. We thank the staff who have given her this opportunity.”
Mr and Mrs Savarimuttu, Parents

“Another wonderful Bikeability course here at Holy Cross School. Our trainees were beautifully behaved and extremely engaged with the course, from the already confident to the beginner cyclists. Everyone worked hard, applied themselves and improved. They should be very proud of themselves. Well done!”
Louise Rondel, Cycle Confident

“After the ten O’Clock Mass a little boy came to me and said ” I have come to say thank you Fr Regis for blessing our statue on Friday”. He must have only been in Year 2. I would like to say that you are doing good work at the School. I just felt that I too should say thank you for all the good work you do for the church.”
Father Regis, Holy Cross Church

The Lion King Year 6 School Play
“I have had many children and grandchildren who have been pupils at Holy Cross School, including of course, yourself, and although I have omitted attending the yearly school play of many of them, I was there in the hall last Friday when I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of your class.
They were brilliant and so professional that they really convinced me that they were in the African jungle and were truly the animals they were portraying. The acting was very convincing, the dancing was lovely to see, the singing enjoyable, the costumes very realistic, the backdrop worthy of the finest scenery in professional theatre. The director did a praiseworthy job and I, as indeed the whole audience i’m sure, immensley enjoyed ourselves.”
Remo Finaldi, Father of Miss Finaldi and Grandparent

“Very impressive! The children radiate an inner calm and self confidence that speaks volumes about their teachers and their school. A deeply respectful place.”
Hamish Clark,  A visiting teacher

“Another lovely morning at Holy Cross School. Thank you for all that you do in educating our next generation.”
Heidi Alexander, MP