Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Values and Ethos

Holy Cross is a Catholic school in the heart of South East London. Our children are educated and nurtured as we teach and live the Gospel values. As a school we always remember our mission statement;

May God’s love shine in our lives
as we care and share and learn together

Our School is a happy place where the sound of laughter and learning fills the air. Children are taught to be kind, confident, independent and to try their best in all they do. We fully understand the importance of primary education and setting our children onto the right path for life. We encourage children to develop a life long love of learning and a resilient attitude that allows them to celebrate success and enjoy challenge.

Our School family is enriched by the fact that our pupils come from wonderfully diverse backgrounds and speak a wide range of languages. We are blessed to have such a rich tapestry from around the world adding knowledge, insight and vibrancy to our community.

Holy Cross is an inclusive School where differences are valued and every member is cherished. We recognise that we are all unique in the eyes of God. Each of us are special as individuals and together make an incredible team.

Our children are proud to follow our behaviour code of being Ready, Respectful and Responsible. They are ready to listen and learn, respectful to those around them and responsible for themselves. We value living together as a community in harmony and understanding. Children appreciate our community as an extension of their family.

We value friendship and kindness. Friendship between peers, across the year groups, between staff and children, parents and parishioners. We cherish all that friendship brings. The joy of celebrating together, the comfort and support of a kind word or action, the excitement of making memories and the sheer fun of smiling and laughing together.

At Holy Cross we believe that the best results are achieved when home and School work together. We work in partnership with our parents and carers from the day they join our School community. We appreciate them as the children’s first teachers. Together, home and School wrap our children in love and care and a determination that they are happy and successful.

We encourage our children to be knowledgeable, active and engaged citizens of society. We offer them a wealth of experiences and guide them to develop a clear moral compass and a desire for equality and justice in the world. Our children understand their environmental responsibility to help protect the world God has given us and appreciate the impact of their individual actions as well as larger movements across the country and the globe.

The community relationship of Holy Cross is unique. The School and the Parish work in collaboration to ensure our children enjoy their primary years and gain the knowledge and belief they need to become impressive, enthusiastic and informed young people.

We instill in our children an understanding and belief in the Aspire London motto from St Oscar Romero,

“Aspire not to have more
but to be more”