Holy Cross Catholic Primary School


“Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”
Albert Einstein

Maths is an essentialpart of our curriculum at Holy Cross,itis challenging but it is also fun and our children’s love for learning in this subject is evident!  We teach and learn through the Mastery approach, which helps our children to develop their mathematical thinking; it offers them a powerful way of communicating and developing their life skills.

Our skilled and knowledgeable teachers give our children anopportunity to explore and explain their ideas using symbols, diagrams as well as spoken and written language. A variety of practical classroom activities are used to help our children’s understanding of the subject. Holy Cross childrenare challenged at their own level on a daily basis within an environment in which they feel safe. They are encouraged to do their best, help each other and to not be afraid to make those ‘marvellous mistakes’ they can learn from. 

At Holy Cross, Mathematics lessons are provided to stimulate our children’s curiosity, foster their creativity and equip them with the skills they need in life beyond school.