Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Parents’ Views

At the end of every term we send out a parental questionnaire to gather the views of our parents and carers. We ask them what they feel has gone well and what we could improve on. The responses are always interesting and useful and help us to keep working together for the good of our precious children. At the start of each new term we give feed back from the questionnaires and explain what we will do in response to the points raised. Together home and school make a powerful team!

Our response letter to our Spring Term questionnaire…

Regarding online learning:

“We are so impressed with the energy, positivity and patience of both teachers.  Their personal and professional skills are outstanding, especially as they too are having to cope with these challenging times.  This also strikes us testament to the true spirit of the Holy Cross community, with its amazing leadership and support.  We feel so fortunate that our children are members of this school, which puts love at the heart of all it does.”
Parent of children in Nursery and Year 1

“My husband and I are both very happy with the online provision. It has provided great insight into our child’s progression and taught us some great methods to use to carry on the teaching. The lessons are very well organised and we really appreciate that our child can have live time with her teachers and other students on such a regular basis.”
Parent of a child in Reception Class

“I think it has been absolutely brilliant. The live lessons are fabulous and give real structure to the day. The teacher is completely amazing – so calm and patient and enthusiastic and it feels like there is real interactive learning going on which must be so challenging over the internet.”
Parent of a child in Year 1

“The teachers have been magnificent. Engaging, encouraging and also very calm. We commend their dedication and the provision that has been put in place.
Parents of children in Years 4 and 6

“Please always know that we are so grateful for the continued care and support given to our child and for the quality of education he is receiving, he enjoys learning and continues to thrive at Holy Cross.”
Parent of a child in Year 5

Regarding life at Holy Cross School

“We have been really impressed with the teaching and discipline this year. Thank you so much to all the staff at Holy Cross who make it such a wonderful place”
Parent of children in Year 1 and Year 4

“A very well run school. We are proud of this school and what it is doing and are blessed that our child attends Holy Cross School”
Parent of child in Year 5

“I am so happy and feel so safe having my children at Holy Cross School. My children are very happy and comfortable. thank you to our wonderful teachers and staff”
Parent of children in Year 5

Ofsted Parent View is an online questionnaire that gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think of your child’s school. Please follow the link below if you wish to make a comment about Holy Cross.