Holy Cross Catholic Primary School


“Music can change the world” 

Music plays an important part in the life of Holy Cross School, it is integral to all we do from the moment a child enters Reception and their Welcome Assembly, to the  Year 6 Leavers Mass.

It is our aim to enable children to explore and experience all aspects of music – listening, composing and performing while fostering a lifelong love of music.

We place emphasis on drawing out from the children their own musical ability and helping them to recognise their own capability to enjoy and create music. We provide a supportive and creative atmosphere in which to foster the performance of music and to develop the children’s appreciation for each other’s musical talent. 

Singing is at the centre of our teaching and performing.  It is our aim that every child engages in the emotional experience of music. There are regular opportunities for performing and our close links with Holy Cross Parish ensure that they are also encouraged to perform in liturgical contexts.

We have close links with the local Music Hub and all children are given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument in a class situation – currently brass and djembe – or on an individual basis.

We believe that every child should be given the requisite skills, confidence and aspiration to perform publicly, be it in front of their peers or the wider parish community, so that they can inspire, support and encourage each other.

Composer of the Week

Each week the children will be introduced to a new composer. Over the course of the year they will, hopefully, be able to recognise the music of a wide range of different musicians!

Summer Term 2024

Spring Term 2024

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