Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

School Uniform

The uniform at our School is designed to be practical and smart. It can be bought from any retail store or second hand retailer, with the exception of the tie which can be purchased at the School Office priced at £4. 

Winter uniform:
Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore, white shirt or blouse and school tie
Navy blue v-neck pullover or cardigan
Navy blue or grey tights or white socks

Summer uniform:
Grey tailored shorts or trousers, white shirt and school tie
Red and white gingham dress made in any style
Navy blue v-neck jumper or cardigan
Navy blue, grey or white socks

Children in Year 6 only may continue to wear winter uniform or a summer dress like other year groups.

School ties may be bought from the School for £4 each payable on Parentpay.

Footwear must be black, strong and sensible in style. Trainers should only be worn for PE or during lunchtime in the playground. Open toed sandals must not be worn in School.

Coats can be any colour but denim jackets or tracksuit tops are not suitable.

All clothing must be marked with the child’s name so that lost clothing may be traced and returned quickly.

Hairstyle is to be conventional in style, length and colour. Hair which is shoulder length or longer must be tied back and hair accessories must be small, simple and red or navy blue in colour.

Jewellery is not permitted though watches may be worn.

For PE children must wear a plain white T-shirt and plain navy shorts. Plain navy tracksuit bottoms are to be worn for outdoor games in the winter. All children need plimsolls or trainers for outdoor games. These should be kept in a drawstring bag in School.

Second hand school uniforms are available if required. Please speak to the Head of School to discuss.


At Holy Cross we encourage the children to be independent. Therefore we ask you to dress your child in clothes that they can fasten/unfasten by themselves. No dungarees please. We also suggest you avoid their ‘best clothes’ or fancy dress costumes.

Shoes must be safe and comfortable. No open toed sandals may be worn. In wet or snowy weather wellington boots may be worn for outside play but children need to have shoes to wear when they are inside.

We offer outside play every day even when it is raining, so it is essential that every child has a warm waterproof coat.

Coats, hats, gloves and scarves should be clearly marked with the child’s name.