Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Lunchtime / After School Clubs

At Holy Cross School we have a wide variety of Clubs for children of all ages. Some of these take place at lunch time and others are timetabled after School.

Joining a lunchtime or afterschool club gives pupils the opportunity of learning a new skill, developing an interest or nurturing their talents. Through this the children are able to socialise with other children who share the same interest, keep active and healthy and learn to work as part of a team, enabling them to boost self esteem and help to make our pupils confident young people.

We believe that the extended curriculum that we offer to our pupils through our lunchtime and afterschool clubs is both beneficial to our pupils and good value for money.

Piano (Monday and Thursday)
Coding Club
KS1 Computer Club
KS2 Multi-Sports Club
Storytelling Club Years 2 and 3
Gardening Club
KS2 Computer Club
Senior Football Club
Guitar Tuition
Gymnastics Club
Storytelling Club (Reception Class – Year 1)
KS1 Multi Sports Club
Brass Tuition
Violin Tuition
Netball Club
Art Club
Junior Football Club