Holy Cross Catholic Primary School


Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

I would like to warmly welcome you to our lovely School.   Holy Cross is a Catholic School and our faith is at the heart of all we do. All staff work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that our children are happy, well behaved, motivated and academically fulfill their true potential. We are constantly striving to raise standards and are not complacent about our successes. Holy Cross is more than just a school, it is a family and a community, where children are cherished and nurtured and high expectations are held and met by all.

Miss Mary Collins

Executive Headteacher

The School

Here at Holy Cross Catholic Primary School children are loved and taught to become responsible, successful and happy. They learn to work independently and as part of a team to share and respect each other’s needs. They are nurtured throughout their years here with the Gospel values of love, faith, justice, peace and hope. We aim to instill in our children the importance of community so they are respectful and appreciative of those around them

At Holy Cross we have an open and friendly atmosphere within the School and parents are encouraged to become active in the life of the School through being a member of the PSA, a volunteer helper or just a familiar face to greet each day.

We are part of the Aspire London Federation with St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School on Beckenham Hill. Our governing body oversees both Schools and works tirelessly to ensure all our children receive the very best education possible. The Executive Headteacher works on a strategic level across both Schools and there is a Head of School in each School to focus on the daily organisation.

The mission statement of Aspire London comes from St. Oscar Romero,

“Aspire not to have more but to be more”

The Parish
Holy Cross School is an important part of Holy Cross Parish. Together they form a wonderful community. In School, the children, parents, parish priest, governors and staff work together to help children develop an understanding of their faith. Children join with the Parish to celebrate Mass on a regular basis and in Key Stage 2 they help as altar servers on a daily basis. Some parishioners are weekly volunteers to hear children read and we have a particularly special relationship with the Diamond Club, a group for senior citizens, who are guests at the previews of all our concerts, share afternoon tea with us on special occasions and are the judges of our annual daffodil competition!

Parents and Carers

We are very proud of the relationship we have with the parents and carers in our School. We are a strong group and benefit from mutual respect, trust and understanding. The good of the children is at the centre of every decision we make and all the work we do. We like to work together with parents and carers to ensure that children are able to achieve in every way.

We encourage parents and carers to come and see staff if they have any concerns or worries about their child or if there is something we should know about; a change in family circumstance, news that may impact on the child. We have an open door policy and parents are welcome to come and see teachers before or after School and either speak then or arrange a convenient appointment.

Each term the teachers formally report to parents on the progress of children. This is during Parents’ Evening in the Autumn Term, Academic Review Day in the Spring Term and a written report in the Summer Term. During the year all children will take part in class assemblies, Masses and concerts which parents are invited and encouraged to attend.

There are several ways in which parents and carers can support their child:

  • Sharing books and listening to your child read.
  • Supporting any homework set by the class teacher.
  • Talking to your child about general things helps to improve communication and vocabulary.
  • Accompanying children on class outings.

If you have any time to spare and would like to help us in any way we would be delighted to welcome you into the School.

The Governing Body
Our Governing Body consists of a number of volunteers who are tasked with overseeing both our Federation Schools. The Executive Headteacher and Heads of Schools report to them regularly. The Governors help to appoint staff, decide on policies for the Schools, deal with admissions and appeals as well as a multitude of other important functions. The Governors work closely with the Executive Headteacher and Head of School offering support and advice.


Our School has a wonderful Nursery that offers part time (15 hour) places as well as full time (30 hour) places to those who qualify for this provision. The School Office is happy to assist parents and carers with any enquiries.

Please note that children who attend our Nursery do not automatically gain a place in our School.

The School Day
We say prayers in the School Hall at 8:45am each morning. All parents, carers and children are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Children are allowed into their class room from 8:45am and must be in by 8:55am.

Years 1 – 6 have a fifteen-minute break during the morning and Key Stage 1 also have a break during the afternoon. Lunch is served at 11:30am for Nursery and Reception class, 12 noon for Key Stage 1 children and 12:25pm for Key Stage 2 children. The School day ends at 3pm for our Nursery children and at 3:15pm for children in the main school. Please be prompt when collecting children.

We offer pupils a creative curriculum which interests and inspires them. Pupils and staff are challenged to achieve their potential, intellectually, socially and spiritually. We provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that meets the needs of each individual child. We encourage children to work independently, to develop skills and establish concepts in order to have access to the National Curriculum. We build upon the children’s own experiences so that they grow in confidence, self-esteem and respect for others.

School Dinners
We are a healthy School. Delicious School lunches are provided at a cost of £2.60 per day, for Nursery Children, payable weekly or half termly using the on-line Parent pay system. Children may bring a packed lunch from home. All children drink water with their lunch and children eating school lunches are also offered milk. We have a policy of no nuts due to allergies. Currently all children from Reception to Year 6 receive free school meals but if you believe your child may be entitled to free school meals according to the government set criteria please see the School Information – School Meals section of our website or enquire at the School Office as there are further benefits for this group of people.

Extra Curricular Activities
We offer a wide variety of After School and Lunchtime clubs including; Football, Netball, Gymnastics, , Art, Story telling, Brass, Violin, Guitar, Computer, Coding, Gardening, Multi-Sports and Piano These are run throughout the year and each term children have the opportunity to change their club/s.

We have an Inclusion Manager in School who works with children throughout the School who have special educational needs. She works in collaboration with class teachers and two higher level teaching assistants. They focus on individuals and small groups of children in order to help them make progress. Our Inclusion Manager links with other schools and a range of outside agencies who offer support and advice.

There is a strong emphasis on self-discipline and respect for all members of the School community. Children learn that school is a place where they live alongside many other people and this means sharing equipment, books and teachers’ attention. Children are expected to always do their best. We teach children to be kind and thoughtful and not to hurt or abuse other children by word or action.  Expectations of behaviour are high and these are met. Our behaviour management system ‘It’s Good To Be Green’ works across the School and provides clear guidelines for children.

School Uniform
Our school uniform is simple and practical. It may be purchased in any shop the parent chooses.


  • White shirt/blouse
  • Grey skirt or pinafore/ trousers
  • Navy blue knitted v-neck pullover or cardigan
  • School tie
  • Navy or grey tights or white socks.


  • Red and white gingham dress made in any style
  • White short sleeved cotton shirt
  • School tie
  • Grey shorts or long trousers

Children in Year 6 only may continue to wear winter uniform or a summer dress like other year groups.

School ties may be bought from the School for £4 each, payable on Parentpay. Footwear must be black or navy, strong and sensible in style, no boots allowed. Trainers should only be worn for games or during lunchtime in the playground. Open toed sandals must not be worn in School. Coats can be any colour but denim jackets or tracksuit tops are not suitable. All clothing must be marked with the child’s name so that lost clothing may be traced and returned quickly. Hairstyle is to be conventional in style, length and colour. Hair which is shoulder length or longer must be tied back and hair accessories must be small, simple and red or navy blue in colour.

School bags may be obtained from the School Office – backpacks cost £10, PE bag £3.50 each. School hats are also available from £4 each. All payable on Parentpay.

Jewellery is not permitted though watches may be worn. Only children in Years 5 and 6 are allowed to bring a mobile phone to School, these must be handed in to the School Office on arrival.

For PE all children are expected to wear a plain white T-shirt, plain navy shorts and plain navy tracksuit bottoms for outdoor games in the winter. All children need plimsolls or trainers for outdoor games. These should be kept in a drawstring bag in School.

In warm weather children may wear a Holy Cross School cap and a pair of sun glasses. Sun cream must be applied before coming to School during hot weather.

Parent and Staff Association (PSA)
We have a very active and enthusiastic PSA. All parents automatically become a member of the PSA as their child starts at Holy Cross. We encourage you all to support the wide range of events which are organised from children’s discos to the our annual summer party. These all raise money to support projects within School and they also help us to maintain the strong community spirit we so enjoy here.

If children have slight accidents in School they are treated by a trained first aider. If an accident appears to be serious parents will be notified should hospital treatment be necessary. Parents may be notified by phone if a child has a bump to the head. For other injuries we will send a note. All accidents are recorded in the accident book. If your child requires medication in School a form from the School Office must be completed by parents to allow the School to administer it.

If your child becomes unwell we will let you know and ask you to come to School if necessary. It is therefore very important that the School has a telephone number where parents or carers may be contacted during school hours. If this changes we must be notified immediately.

We are proud of our excellent attendance record at Holy Cross. It shows children want to come to School and parents trust that the staff will care for the children and contact them if it is deemed necessary. Children are expected to be in School every day except on an occasion when poor health prevents this. If your child is absent from school please telephone us by 9:30am. If your child has an appointment during the day a known adult will need to collect them and sign them out at the office. Holidays are not allowed during term time. A child will only be allowed time off from school in exceptional circumstances.


Culverley Road is one of Lewisham’s ‘School Streets’ This means that between 8:15am and 9:15am and then 2:45pm and 3:45pm cars are not allowed to drive along the road. The zigzag lines outside the School on Culverley Road and Sangley Road are mandatory. Anyone breaking any of these rules is liable to receive a fine. These rules have been made for the safety of your children.

The School car park is strictly for staff, parents are asked not to use it Monday to Friday either for parking or turning.

Entrance to the School at the beginning and end of the School day is through the Key Stage 2 playground in Culverley Road and via the gate in Sangley Road. Before school begins children may come into the School Hall for prayers or go straight to their classroom from 8:45am. During School time access is through the entrance in Culverley Road.

Parking around School can be difficult, due to the nearby Controlled Parking Zone and consequent commuter parking on Culverley Road. We encourage children to walk to School as often as possible or take the bus and walk. We allow children to cycle or scoot to school with their parents’ permission and have provided bicycle shelters for this purpose.

Our Mission Statement

May God’s love

shine in our lives
as we care and share

and learn together.