Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

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Year 1

Miss Stojeck
Class Teacher

Mrs Downton
Teaching Assistant

Year 1 at Holy Cross is exciting and part of an incredible learning journey where every child is provided with the best opportunities to achieve their full potential. 

We provide engaging, ambitious and nurturing experiences so that our children develop as critical and creative thinkers, who can work cooperatively, solve problems, express themselves with confidence, engage with the wider world and contribute to creating an equal and fair society. 

In September we develop the classroom environment to support a smooth transition from Early Years and to continue to promote independent learning. 

Most importantly of all, we always have children’s happiness and well-being at the heart of everything we do.

Year 1 Curriculum Overview
Summer Term 2021

Home and Away

Power of Reading Texts: Lila and the Secret of the Rain by David Conway.  Winter Sleep. A Hibernation Story– by Sean Taylor and Alex Morss Fiction – stories, diary entries., captions and labels. Non-fiction – fact files, information texts, non-chronological reports. Poetry – songs and repetitive poems, pattern and rhyme Ongoing activities – reading (phonics and comprehension); spelling; listening to stories and poems; speaking and listening; drama; handwriting; vocabulary, grammar and punctuation.

Addition and Subtraction – adding by counting on, taking away by crossing, number bonds and related facts. Place Value – numbers to 50, tens and ones, counting in 2s and 5s. Length and Height – measuring length and comparing heights and lengths Weight and Volume – measure mass and capacity.

Materials – the children will identify everyday materials and note their physical properties. The Seasons – the children will observe changes across the four seasons and how day length varies.

Families & Celebrations – the children will reflect upon what it means to be a part of a family and learn about the celebrations that the Catholic Church partakes in. Following Jesus – the children will hear about how Jesus chose some of his first disciples.

The children will study the human and physical geography of their local area. They will compare the geography of their local area to Kenya. They will explore the history of Catford specifically and more generally London learning where people have travelled from and then settled in our city.

Algorithms – the children will understand that algorithms work by following precise instructions. They will use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programmes

Gymnastics/Games – the children will participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending Dance/Games – the children will perform dances using simple movements

Art / DT
Art – the children will use a range of resources to develop and share their ideas and experiences.  DT – the children will understand where food comes from.

Composing, singing and playing instruments. Singing familiar rhymes and becoming familiar with their rhythms.

Our lovely children have all recorded a class video of Christmas songs to help to bring some Christmas cheer to you, as you are not able to experience it with us in School this year. Please do have a look at this heart warming video. Thank you to Mrs Ley for her musical talents and encouragement and to Mr Foster for filming each class and producing the videos.

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