Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Curriculum Intent

Holy Cross Catholic Primary School is a unique and special place where our faith is at the heart of all we do. Our children learn to live the Gospel values of love, forgiveness and peace.

Our School is part of Aspire London and works collaboratively with St Augustine’s School. We share values and aspirations for our children. The wonderful children of SE6 are engaged and thoughtful learners who strive to achieve their very best.

We use the National Curriculum and believe that our children deserve it to be tailored to their needs.  With this in mind we have prioritised the things we want our children to enjoy, experience and remember during their time with us. 

Our curriculum at Holy Cross has a set of ‘drivers’ developed from the deep knowledge of the pupils and their families within our School community. The wonderful cultural diversity is a strength which enriches our curriculum.

The drivers which shape our curriculum ensure we give our pupils aspirational opportunities throughout their primary school years.  We provide our children with the wealth of knowledge required to be informed and thoughtful members of our community and wider world. The breadth of our curriculum encourages pupils to be ambitious, develop an inquiring mind and a life-long love of learning.

Curriculum Drivers

Significant People

Aspire London will:
Develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world and people, past and present, who shape it
Provide identifiable role models to raise ambition and aspiration


Aspire London will:
Immerse the children in the historically rich and diverse nature of London
Give pupils an understanding of the positive impact of migration and a cultural appreciation of our community

Equality and Justice

Aspire London will:
Empower pupils to be advocates who address issues of prejudice and discrimination
Ensure pupils value fairness and resolve differences through positive discussion

Environmental Responsibility

Aspire London will:
Educate children of the need to protect God’s planet from environmental damage
Create eco- friendly citizens who are aware of the impact of their individual actions and those of the wider world.