Holy Cross Catholic Primary School


“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it so its part of every day life”
Bill Gates

We aim to prepare our learners for a rapidly changing world through the use of digital technologies and ensure our school communities is digitally literate; equipping them with the 21st century skills needed to unlock their futures.

From EYFS to Key Stage Two, children are taught practical, age-appropriate computing skills such as programming, coding, understanding how digital systems work, the principles of computation, testing and debugging, using the PurpleMash programme of study.  Computing is also embedded via creative cross-curricular links allowing their new knowledge and understanding to be consolidated through creative, project-based learning journey that both raises the profile of Computing and supports all learners to fulfil their potential across all subjects.

Whilst we strive to empower children with 21st century skills for the 21st century workplace, we also recognise that – as educators – we have a responsibility to provide young people with the tools they need to stay safe online.  Online safety is a key component of our Computing curriculum and links explicitly to lessons from PSHE and RSE.  Children are given opportunities to learn how digital technologies can enhance both their lives and the lives of others but also explore dangers that are inherent in its use.  Our Digital Leaders support delivery of this by conducting termly online safety surveys, carrying out class discussions regarding areas of interest and concern and supporting learners across the school to become the confident and respectful users we know that they are. 

In addition to our in class teaching of Computing, learners also have the opportunity to participate in a number of extra-curricular clubs and activities, such as: after school Code Club, lunchtime Computer Club and touch typing lessons.

Please also see our Online Safety information under the School Information section of the website