Holy Cross Catholic Primary School


“We all have the duty to do good.”
Pope Francis

As a Catholic school Religious Education is at the centre of our curriculum. RE lessons are different from any others, children learn about our faith but also learn from our faith and how it relates to them and their lives. Children listen, discuss, take part in role play, join and lead collective worship, take part in class and whole school Masses and learn about the importance of prayer. We encourage children throughout the school day to live out the Gospel values in their actions and words.  

Hymns from Home

Mrs Ley and Miss Baptiste have been busy during lockdown producing some short films of hymns well known to the children – with words and actions,  so you can all listen, enjoy and sing along at home. My enormous thanks to both members of staff, we are familiar with Mrs Ley’s talents but Miss Baptiste has previously hidden her musical skills…not any more!

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