Holy Cross Catholic Primary School


Aspire London

Holy Cross Catholic Primary School and St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School on Beckenham Hill are members of the federation of Aspire London. The partnership brings enormous benefits to both schools. It enables our children to enjoy termly trips and visits with ‘our cousins’ near the park and our staff to access greater professional development. The Federation has an Executive Headteacher, Miss Mary Collins and each school has a Head of School. There is one Governing Body to oversee both Schools, helping us to maintain our high standard.

Holy Cross Church

We have a wonderfully close partnership with our Parish. We are fortunate to be situated on the same site as the Parish Church and our Parish Hall, Hartley Hall. Our Parish Priest, Fr. Antony Megalan Sellam is a regular visitor to our School and celebrates Mass with individual classes and the whole School both in School and in Church, throughout the year, for a range of feast days and occasions. Our children understand that they belong to and are an important part of, the Parish of Holy Cross whether it is their home parish or not and they thoroughly enjoy all it offers.

Archdiocese of Southwark

Holy Cross Parish sits within the Archdiocese of Southwark. The Education Commission is the arm of the Diocese who work with schools and we are well supported by this team. Schools within our Deanery work especially closely together, these schools include: St Augustine’s, Good Shepherd, St Saviour’s, St William of York, Our lady and St Philip Neri, St Joseph’s, St Winifred’s, St Mary Magdalen and our local secondary school, Bonus Pastor.

Lewisham Local Authority

At Holy Cross we work very closely with our local authority, Lewisham. They are a supportive and strong authority who are inclusive and proactive. The authority is a rich source of professional development opportunities for all our staff. Lewisham Local Authority offer a wide range of professional services which we purchase annually to complement our School offer. As a school we work collaboratively with other local schools keeping up to date with new ideas and initiatives to improve our children’s opportunities and experiences. As an authority we believe that together we are stronger.

Challenge Partners

We are proud to be part of Challenge Partners, a practitioner-led group of more than five hundred schools from across the country. Our Executive Headteacher is a Senior Partner within the organisation. Leaders come together to share ideas and help each other improve our schools. At Holy Cross we share the Challenge Partners belief that if we collaborate and share our wisdom we can build a world-class education system that can transform children’s life chances. Our local Challenge Partner hub offers a wealth of expertise and support and opportunities for professional development.

The Ogden Trust

Holy Cross School is part of the Lewisham Ogden Trust Primary Partnership which helps to build and sustain supportive, collaborative teaching communities that bring about improvement in physics education, engagement and positive learning environments for children. We have made a commitment to undertake this work to benefit our children.