Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Year 3

Mrs M Byrne
Class Teacher (Currently
on Maternity Leave)

Mr R Cook
Class Teacher
Mrs F Power
Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Withington
Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Stoneham
Class Teacher
Mrs T Forde
Teaching Assistant

In Year 3 we are as much committed to our learning and academic success as we are to the well being and achievements of our friends and peers. Our academic work is intertwined with ongoing PSHE activities that not only challenge and extend our ways of thinking about the world, but also foster a sense of community and respect for others.

All our work aims to incorporate a balance of clear but challenging academic goals with a celebration of personal and peer achievement. 

 In Year 3 we are always positive, building on our success in order to stretch ourselves further. 

Year 3 Curriculum Overview
Summer Term 2021

The United Kingdom

Our Power of Reading texts are:
Belonging by Jeannie Baker, The Lost Happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy and Clockwork by Philip Pullman
We will explore their themes and issues and develop and sustain ideas through discussion. We will study the language and writing style of the different authors to broaden our knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.  These texts will provide the children with a platform to write with confidence for real purposes and audiences.

Multiplication and Division – We will use our knowledge of the times tables to solve larger multiplication problems, by using different strategies.
Statistics – We will present information using different types of charts and tables and use them to answer questions based on the information presented. Fractions – We will make a whole with unit and non-unit fractions and calculate fractions of a set of objects.

Light & Shadows – The children will learn about different sources of light, and that we need light to see.  The children will develop their scientific enquiry skills as they investigate reflective materials and the properties of light. Forces and Magnets – We will explore how things move on different surfaces, learn about attraction and repulsion by magnetic forces and carry out investigations using magnets.

Called to Change – We will be exploring the concept of forgiveness and learn about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Eucharist – We will be learning about prayers which are said at mass. We will also be beginning to understand that at the consecration the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ.

We will explore different types of maps and learn how to use the eight points of a compass as well as four and six-figure grid references to identify countries and cities from around the United Kingdom and from the wider world.  We will identify human and physical geographical characteristics and understand how some of these aspects have changed over time.

We will explore different methods of communication and learn how to communicate via email effectively: opening and responding to emails and adding attachments.  The children will also explore a simulated email scenario, learning how to communicate digitally safely.

Dance: The children will learn to improvise freely, to create dance phrases and perform basic dance actions.
Games: They will consolidate and improve their ball skills, tactics and small group co-operation.

Children will research a variety of landscapes created by European artists.  We will experiment with different media to create images in their style. We will design, evaluate and modify structures that could be used to help improve our local environment. 

The children will participate in composing, singing and playing instruments with music teacher Mrs Ley.

Our lovely children have all recorded a class video of Christmas songs to help to bring some Christmas cheer to you, as you are not able to experience it with us in School this year. Please do have a look at this heart warming video. Thank you to Mrs Ley for her musical talents and encouragement and to Mr Foster for filming each class and producing the videos.

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