Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Year 4

Miss K Knight
Class Teacher

Mrs T Forde
Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Howell
Teaching Assistant
Miss M Baptiste
Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Stoneham
Class Teacher

Welcome to Year 4! Here we love exploring and learning together. We have high expectations of our pupils and we always give our best to every subject. Children in our class are polite, kind and thoughtful towards others. We are passionate about learning and we love to celebrate success, whether it is our own, or a classmate’s. When we do not understand something, we work together to find the solution; no one is left on their own.

In Year 4 we aspire not to have more but to be more.

Year 4 Curriculum Overview
Summer Term 2021


Power of Reading Texts: Ice Palace by Robert Swindells, Hot Like Fire and Other Poems by Valerie Bloom, Ice Bear by Jackie Morris Children will learn how writers use expressive and descriptive writing to create imagery in writing especially in poetry. They will read and study plays. They will be looking at fables and fairy stories and thinking about the structure and features of these genres. Children will also be developing their knowledge of non-fiction texts (recounts, reports and information texts). There will be continuous work on grammar, punctuation, handwriting, presentation and spellings. A whole class text will be worked through and there will be a focus on listening to longer novels and individual reading.

The children will continue to develop strategies for mental and written calculation of the 4 operations. They will be studying the measure topic of capacity; they will be constructing and interpreting Venn and Carroll diagrams. Children will also be exploring fractions, decimals, time, shape and space and handling data. They will be writing and solving their own multiple steps word problems. They will continue to revise all their timetables up to 12X and the associated division facts.

State of matter: Children will explore different state of matter, particularly liquids, solids and gases. Sound: Children will learn how sound is made and how it travels. They will learn about the structure of the ear. Children will also investigate how to change the pitch and volume of a sound.

Jesus, the Teacher: Children will explore Jesus as a teacher-what he taught his disciples in the Bible and what he teaches us today.
Jesus, the Saviour: Children will prepare for Easter by learning the Easter story and the significance of Jesus sacrificing himself to save us.

Children will identify where countries are within Europe. Recognise that people have differing quality of life living in different locations and environments. Know how the locality is set within a wider geographical context. Know about the wider context of places – region, country. Explore weather patterns in Europe. Explain about key natural resources. Describe how people have been affected by changes in the environment. Understand the effect of landscape features on the development of a locality.

Word Processing. Research the internet. Photography.

Swimming (Mondays), Gymnastics and Netball.

Children will design, build and finish a model to represent the human and physical features of one European location. Children will also compare the styles of the European artists with photographs and look at the paintings as an indication for land use.

Improvise and compose music for a range of purposes. Begin to listen with attention to details and recall sounds. Learn songs for the class assembly.

Our lovely children have all recorded a class video of Christmas songs to help to bring some Christmas cheer to you, as you are not able to experience it with us in School this year. Please do have a look at this heart warming video. Thank you to Mrs Ley for her musical talents and encouragement and to Mr Foster for filming each class and producing the videos.

For speech and language resources and advice and tips for parents working at home with children who have SLCN visit:


BBC Bitesize and Purple Mash are excellent resources for you to use. Click on the icon, have a look and see what you can learn!