Holy Cross Catholic Primary School


“The peculiar value of geography lies in its fitness to nourish the mind with ideas and furnish the imagination with pictures”  
Charlotte Mason

At Holy Cross we are passionate about inspiring children to explore their local area and the brilliant and colourful world around them. A high-quality Geography education equips children with a diverse knowledge of places, people and the physical processes that shape the planet. Children at Holy Cross are aware of their eco-footprint and know that they have a responsibility to look after God’s world. 

As a London school, we are fortunate to have the city right on our doorstep. Regular school trips allow for pupils to be immersed in London’s historically rich and diverse nature whilst inspiring pupils’ curiosity and fascination. Fieldwork is a key component of Geography at Holy Cross and pupils are regularly encouraged to observe, record and measure the human and physical Geography around them. 

During their time at Holy Cross, pupils will develop their knowledge of significant places, both locally and globally, and encounter a range of significant individuals who have contributed to the field of Geography. Pupils are taught to notice every detail and interconnect relevant information from a variety of subjects. 

Geography at Holy Cross nurtures the inner-explorer in every child and extends this innate curiosity beyond the classroom walls to the beautiful and diverse world around them.