Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Year 5

Mr. J Foster
Class Teacher
Assistant Head of School

Mrs H Fernandes
Class Teacher
Miss R Quinn
Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Howell
Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Year 5!

Over the course of the year, we will study some fascinating, cross-curricular topics that will develop our knowledge and understanding of the world we live in, generating curiosity and a want to discover more so we can share our findings as real experts!

In the Autumn term we focus on the Tudor period; learning about the Tudor monarchs, exploration, changes to the Catholic faith in England and what life would have been like in this period. 

In the Spring term, we explore the continent of South America; learning about the physical and human geography of the region and key events from the history of South America, before focusing on Brazil and learning all about life in this country of contrasts and the importance of the rainforest for the planet.

In the Summer term, we travel back to Ancient Greece; learning all about Greek mythology and the rich tradition of storytelling, the similarities and differences in lifestyles of the different city states, how we know so much about the period all these years later through the artefacts that remain and how this ancient civilisation still influences our lives today.

Year 5 Curriculum Overview
Autumn Term 2023

Curriculum Intent
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School is a unique and special place where our faith is at the heart of all we do. Our children
live the Gospel values of love, forgiveness and peace. Within our federation of Aspire London we use the National Curriculum and believe that our children deserve for it to be tailored to their needs. With this in mind we have prioritised the things we want our children to enjoy, experience and remember during their time with us.
Our curriculum at Aspire London has a set of ‘drivers’ developed from the deep knowledge of the pupils and their families within our School community.
The drivers which shape our curriculum ensure we give our pupils aspirational opportunities throughout their primary school years. We provide our children with the wealth of knowledge required to be informed and thoughtful members of our community and wider world. The breadth of our curriculum encourages pupils to be ambitious, develop an inquiring mind and a life-long love of learning.

Curriculum Drivers

Significant People:
Aspire London will:

Develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world and people, past and present, who shape it Provide identifiable role models to raise ambition and aspiration
Aspire London will:

Immerse the children in the historically rich and diverse nature of London Give pupils an understanding of the positive impact of migration and a cultural appreciation of our community
Equality & Justice:
Aspire London will:

Empower pupils to be advocates who address issues of prejudice and discrimination Ensure pupils value fairness and resolve differences through positive discussion
Environmental Responsibility:
Aspire London will:

Educate children of the need to protect God’s planet from environmental damage Create eco- friendly citizens who are aware of the impact of their individual actions and those of the wider world.

Autumn Term 2023


Our focus book will be ‘Treason’.  Children will work on character studies, report writing, diary entries, descriptive writing and poetry.  We will write both formal and informal letters and diary entries and will study a range of poetry genre.
Through writing we will continue to work on sentence structure, paragraphing, fronted adverbials and how to punctuate direct speech and convert it into indirect speech. In daily reading sessions children will read and discuss a wide range of fiction, poetry, plays, non-fiction and reference books.

This term we will focus on reading, writing, comparing and ordering 5-digit numbers, understanding the place value and using < and >signs; work systematically to spot patterns. Choosing appropriate strategies for solving mental additions or subtractions. Understanding place value in decimal numbers; using all operations with numbers with up to two decimal places. Converting 12-hour clock times to 24-hour clock times; find a time in a given number of minutes or hours and minutes later; calculate time intervals using 24-hour clock; measure lengths in mm and convert to cm.

We will be looking at the theme of creation. We will consider how people have been searching for answers to questions about creation for thousands of years. The children will learn the meaning of God’s covenant, reflecting on covenants made with Noah, Abraham and Moses.

Children will study the properties of everyday materials including their solubility, transparency and conductivity, we will explore how some materials will dissolve in liquid and how to recover a substance from a solution.  Life cycles of  mammals, amphibians, insects and birds will be studied learning how some plant and animals reproduce.

History/ Geography
The Tudors- we will begin with looking at the Battle of Bosworth Field and how the joining of two royal dynasties came about. We will then study each Tudor monarch and their impact on our society including the six wives of Henry VIII.  We will make comparisons of the rich and poor during this period of History.

Children will learn how to recall and explain programming terminology, have an understanding of the impact that sharing digital content and add a formula to a spreadsheet to make automatic calculations.

Gymnastics-children will learn how to perform a range of rolls, jumps and handstands using a vault safely
Dance will involve composing individual, partner and group dances which reflect a chosen dance style
Games-children will develop a range of skills through Football and Basketball.

We will explore Tudor paintings and artists; the children will study colour and pattern of Tudor art and look at famous still life work from the Tudor period.

Children will be research Tudor rose patterns to use research different forms of textiles and using this knowledge and understanding to generate their own ideas for a Tudor Rose textile design.  Children will use annotated sketches, and exploded diagrams to develop and communicate these ideas before crafting their final designs.  Once complete, children will critically evaluate the quality of design, manufacture and fitness for purpose of their product.

Children will learn Tudor History songs.  We will compose pieces based on Henry VIII’s six wives.  Listen to Tudor ceremonial music and know about the work of John Blanke and Thomas Tallis.

Children will identify different influences on their Health and Well-being establishing ways keeping safe both emotionally and physically. They will also learn about managing change including puberty, transitions and loss.

Autumn Term Knowledge Organisers

For speech and language resources and advice and tips for parents working at home with children who have SLCN visit:


BBC Bitesize and Purple Mash are excellent resources for you to use. Click on the icon, have a look and see what you can learn!