Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Year 5

Mr J Foster
Class Teacher
Miss L Bell
Class Teacher
Mrs T Forde
Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Year 5!

Over the course of the year, we will study some fascinating, cross-curricular topics that will develop our knowledge and understanding of the world we live in, generating curiosity and a want to discover more so we can share our findings as real experts!

In the Autumn term we focus on the Tudor period; learning about the Tudor monarchs, exploration, changes to the Catholic faith in England and what life would have been like in this period. 

In the Spring term, we explore the continent of South America; learning about the physical and human geography of the region and key events from the history of South America, before focusing on Brazil and learning all about life in this country of contrasts and the importance of the rainforest for the planet.

In the Summer term, we travel back to Ancient Greece; learning all about Greek mythology and the rich tradition of storytelling, the similarities and differences in lifestyles of the different city states, how we know so much about the period all these years later through the artefacts that remain and how this ancient civilisation still influences our lives today.

Year 5 Curriculum Overview
Summer Term 2021

South America

Our Power of Reading texts are: The Explorer by Katherine Rundell
The Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry, A Boy and a Bear in a Boat by Dave Shelton We will read and discuss different texts, exploring their different themes and issues.  We will explore their narrative plots, settings and characters, using our core texts as a stimulus, and have the opportunity to write texts based on fictional experiences, from a character’s point of view and create non fiction texts for a variety of audiences.

Multiplication and Division – Apply our previous knowledge of times tables and their corresponding division facts to solve problems involving larger numbers.
Fractions – Consolidate our understanding of what fractions are by comparing, ordering and creating equivalent fractions.  Apply this knowledge to problems involving addition, subtraction and multiplication of fractions. Decimals & Percentages – Explore the link between fractions, decimals and percentages.

We will learn about Life Cycles; exploring the processes of sexual and asexual reproduction in plants, discovering about sexual reproduction in animals and investigating the differences in the life cycles of different species of animal.  We will also research the life and works of Sylvia Earle and Rachel Carson to understand the impact the work of these naturalists have had in this field of Science.

Inspirational People – We will learn what it truly means to be a follower of Jesus, exploring the lives of inspirational saints and how they set an example for Christians to follow. Reconciliation – We will reflect on how sin is a failure of love and how we can demonstrate our sorrow for this and make amends through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

We will learn about the Geography of the South American continent, identifying its location globally and the different countries and territories that this continent comprises of.  We will explore the physical and human geography to enable us to deepen our understanding of this area and investigate similarities and differences between the countries of this continent as well as making comparisons with our local area.

We will learn about the structure of different databases and how to search for information and contribute to them.  We will then create our own databases around a topic of our choice to demonstrate our understanding.  In Computer Science, we will explore the concepts of ‘selection’ and ‘events’ and apply these when programming our own software.

Gymnastics – We will develop our gymnastic skills of technique, control and balance and apply these to creating routines to accompany selected music. Games – We will take part in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities which will enable us to perform both individually and as a team.

We will study the work of a variety of Southern and Latin American artists and analyse their artwork before applying the different techniques that we have explored to create our own art in their style.

We will participate in composing, singing and playing instruments with our music teacher Mrs Ley.

Our lovely children have all recorded a class video of Christmas songs to help to bring some Christmas cheer to you, as you are not able to experience it with us in School this year. Please do have a look at this heart warming video. Thank you to Mrs Ley for her musical talents and encouragement and to Mr Foster for filming each class and producing the videos.

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