Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Oscar Romero Award

We were delighted to hear that we have been awarded the Oscar Romero Award, Participator Level. My thanks to Mrs Wilson who has worked tremendously hard on ensuring that the Catholic Social. Teachings are at the centre of what we do at Holy Cross. Below are some of the comments from the assessors:

“The Mission Statement clearly underpins the work of the school with Catholic Social Teaching (CST) at its heart. The evidence clearly shows the school is committed to all being treated with fairness and dignity, which is actively promoted by leaders and Governors. The local authority Race Equality pledge has been embraced by the school. There is a wealth of pupil leadership in the strategic strand, which is then explored further in the practical strand. CAFOD resources are used in assemblies which ensures a consistent approach to address and action pertinent issues. The evidence provided for the Practical strand is strong and the range of opportunities for pupil leadership is to be commended. Opportunities are varied and encompass CST in their practice and values. Pupils are aware of the needs of others both locally and globally.”